PBR materials and hdri scene lighting combined


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Hi, fellow creative. This is another piece using the BMW model. I added just a vignette in post-processing. I used physically based rendering (PBR) for all materials. Realistic lighting is done with high dynamic range imaging (HDRI) for realistic atmosphere effect. Grass is scattered around the ground using the particle system. Texture on rocks is generated using Diffuse map, Normal map, and Ambient occlusion. Animation and a VFX shot coming soon. Drag the white line right or left to see the before and after images. Please leave a question, an opinion, compliment or constructive criticism on the comment on the side or below.

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BMW - X6 3d scene front side view pbr and hdri study

Compare before and after

Drag the white line to compare

BMW - X6 3d scene front side view pbr and hdri studyCost of animation
Front view comarison
BMW – X6 3d scene back side view pbr and hdri studyBMW - X6 3d scene back side view clay render pbr and hdri study
Rear view comparison

See more images

Click on images for bigger view

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