Gold Website Maintenance Plan

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Gold Website Maintenance Plan includes:

  • Core Updates
  •  Weekly Backups
  •  Spam Removal
  •  Security Monitoring
  •  Content Update
  •  Maintenance Report

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NB: Hosting and domain NOT included. Only logo, text content, images and color theme will be customized. Layout and features remain the same. Terms and conditions to apply


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Gold Website Maintenance Plan includes, Core Updates, Weekly Backups, Spam Removal, Security Monitoring, Content Update and Maintenance Report.

Why do I need core updates?

To fix bugs in the code and to keep your website secure. New releases contain bug fixes, new functionality and security updates to keep your site as secure and bug-free as possible.

Why do I need regular website backups?

Like computer backups, website backups should also be done on a regular basis. It won’t do you much good to restore your site from a backup that’s a few years old. The best case scenario is either daily or weekly backups. Whether you go with daily or weekly depends on how often you update your website.

Why do I need spam removal on my website?

Dirty SEO is a parasitic infection that takes advantage of your website by injecting it with unwanted links and keywords. The resulting web spam damages your brand’s reputation and leads to your website being blacklisted by search engines. We diagnose the problem, remove the infection and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Why do I need website security monitoring?

You will gain peace of mind by securing all your websites. Security monitoring helps prevent future website attacks. We constantly innovate as cyber threats evolve. Depend on us to support your website as if it were our own.

Why should my website content be updated?

Websites should never be stagnant. An untouched site is just that: untouchable for your target audience. Here are a few reasons to keep your website content fresh:

1. SEO Benefits

Search engines are constantly scanning your site to index pages and images. Once indexed, these pages and images will show up in searches. If you are consistently generating content, search engines recognize your website as a valuable resource to display in a search result.

2. Providing Value

Appearing on the first page of a Google search isn’t enough to make an impact on your buyers if the page is outdated or doesn’t provide a solution to their problems. Updating your website regularly with quality content provides the value customers often require before making a purchase or engaging with you.

3. Establishing Brand Personality

Your published content is available to prospective buyers, 24/7, 365. Even when they can’t reach a sales rep or customer service agent, buyers can form an impression of your organization at any time. It is important that all the information displayed on the website is up to date.

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